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Global Inkjet Systems, Esko To Partner In Digital Print

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CAMBRIDGE, England — May 5, 2020: Global Inkjet Systems (GIS), a developer and supplier of industrial inkjet solutions, today announces a new collaboration with Esko, a producer hardware and software solutions for brands and suppliers in packaging.

GIS develops and supplies datapath electronics, ink delivery systems and print system control software to builders of industrial inkjet machines, including leading vendors of digital presses for packaging. In addition to scanning and direct-to-shape systems, GIS has expertise in high performance single pass inkjet systems offering a choice of real-time workflow, RIP and image processing engines — with support for continuous quality control managing colour stability and reproduction, print uniformity, defect compensation and more.

The collaboration between GIS and Esko enables machine builders to develop and deploy tailored solutions to meet the needs of their customers. End user productivity is enhanced through streamlined, integrated and automated workflows harnessing technologies, products and services from both parties. Combining the Esko digital front end (DFE) technology with the GIS Atlas® software enables press manufacturers to design and deliver optimized solutions for each customer. These systems can then be enhanced or modified to meet changing production needs.

The Esko DFE is a turnkey solution for digital print in packaging, including brand colour management and RIPping. For more than 10 years, Esko has supplied the DFE to several leading manufacturers of digital presses, where it is included with the press as an essential part of the workflow. With the announced collaboration, the two companies can together now offer a complete solution from print job creation to the optimization of print quality through precise printhead control. Additional user interface (UI) capability is now available through the integration of both companies’ components into a combined UI that meets the end users’ requirements. Press vendors introducing new devices will benefit from reduced development time by using a ready integrated system for faster market readiness. Printers and converters will benefit by having more standardised and robust on-press solutions for workflow, colour and device compensation.

Nick Geddes, managing director of GIS, said: “Combining the packaging management, prepress automation and DFE expertise of Esko with the industrial inkjet capabilities of GIS creates a unique ecosystem for packaging and label digital printing, not seen elsewhere. Our high-speed single pass inkjet systems, offering very fast screening technologies and closed loop image quality control for missing nozzle compensation and printhead density correction, fit seamlessly into the Esko workflow creating a powerful advantage for the digital print sector.”

Chuck Ravetto, vice president/general manager, Suppliers Business of Esko, added: “By using this integrated solution resulting from our partnership with GIS, they will get innovations to market faster. At the same time, packaging converters investing in digital press capacity will benefit by having more standardized and robust on press solutions for workflow, color management and device compensation. The combined capabilities of Esko and GIS create a level of integration that extends beyond the digital press and reduces complexity for everyone involved, driving efficiency and productivity when it’s needed most.”

Posted May 5, 2020

Source: Global Inkjet Systems (GIS)